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For experience, accuracy and service there's only ONE place to get your arteries or veins scanned.

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Newcastle and the Hunter's most experienced vascular sonographer

Here at Vascular One Ultrasound, we specialise in the assessment and diagnosis of artery and vein pathology throughout the body. The Doppler ultrasound procedure is completely non-invasive and painless. No needles or dyes are used.

Why do I need a vascular ultrasound?

As your arteries and veins run throughout your body, it's important to make sure they are functioning correctly and efficiently. You may require, or your Doctor has requested a vascular ultrasound scan to monitor the blood flow to organs and tissues throughout your body. This means that we can identify any blockages and narrowings, blood clots (DVT), varicose veins, aneurysms, or other abnormalities such as plaque, emboli and malformations.

A vascular ultrasound scan also allows us to determine if you require angioplasty (the ballooning of an artery), or other procedures such as stenting or bypass grafts.

Getting your vascular ultrasound appointment:

You will need to get a referral from your Doctor to have an ultrasound scan. Most Doctors have our request forms, but if they don't, just bring the request form you have,  as we accept ALL referrals. To help you financially, we Bulk-bill all pensioners and healthcare cardholders, so there is no cost to you at all. If you are not a pensioner, our private fees are much lower than our competitors so the "out of pocket" expense will be much lower that you expect!

If Medicare has your bank details, we can submit your claim electronically and Medicare will deposit your rebate into your bank account overnight.


Our mission at Vascular One Ultrasound is: ... " to provide our patients and Doctors with the most accurate vascular ultrasound diagnosis possible have our knowledgeable, friendly, and caring staff provide our clients with a first class and efficient service" .

We hold daily spots for urgent scan requests and all other appointments can be offered within a few days

If you require a general ultrasound (not arteries or veins), we highly recommend Hunter Radiology located in Hunter St, Newcastle,  Glendale and Salamander Bay. They are excellent providers of general radiology services including X-ray, ultrasound, CT and MRI scanning.

Call us today on  02 4953 9811  to book your next appointment.

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